T4 Awesome Documentation Updated

I just updated the docs for T4 Awesome using the great Sandcastle Help File Builder project.  If you are not familiar with this project it is wonderful for documenting directly in Visual Studio.  The tool was originally created and supported by Microsoft but they transferred control of the project to Eric Woodruff who has done […]

Introducing T4 Awesome

I have always been a fan of code generation.  In 2006, my buddy Steve showed me CodeSmith and  I started using it to build out stub aspx and html files for my views from database tables.  This worked pretty well but there was one catch, sometimes your data model does not exactly match your business […]

Function Result Revisited – Part 1

This was the first technical blog post I ever made back in 2008.  Since then, my hosting has changed a few times and I lost it and some other posts during the transitions but luckily I found it again on the internet wayback machine.  I had never blogged before and was a little unsure of […]

Acrylic DNS Proxy

I have used simpledns¬†a few times and it is really great software but sometimes you have to only use free and this is the perfect solution. http://mayakron.altervista.org/wikibase/show.php?id=AcrylicHome Its a very simple local dns server that can help you test full domains while you are developing web applications/web sites. ¬†There is even small GUI app to […]

The mobile answer for those using ext.net

Ext.net is by far the best java script client side library out there for ASP.net developers but it is a bit heavy to use on mobile devices.  Thanks to this project there is now a Ext.net type solution for the mobile space! http://touchnet.codeplex.com/