The elusive list of icons for visual studio plugins/addins

I love Microsoft but sometimes they just don’t make it easy.  The documentation for visual studio add-in development talks about passing an Id of the icon you want to use when adding new commands to visual studio menus but they never tell you where to find that list of icons.  From the MSDN documentation for Commands.AddNamedCommand Method:

Type: System.Boolean
Required. Indicates whether the named command’s button picture is an Office picture. True = button. If MSOButton is False, then Bitmap is the ID of a 16×16 bitmap resource (but not an icon resource) in a Visual C++ resource DLL that must reside in a folder with the language’s locale identifier (1033 for English).
Type: System.Int32
Optional. The ID of a bitmap to display on the button.

Luckily, someone else on the internet has stepped up and done the work.  Here is a link to their site:

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